Zeta is an main character

Zeta the Sorceress

He Played Ludo in Zak Saturday vs. The Forces of Evil

He Played The Evil Queen in Doremi Harukaze White and The Seven Cartoons (OjamajoDoremiRockz)

He Played Herself in Disney-Hyperion's Lesile & Frank's First Quest in Boog and Eillot: The Movie

He Played Fose Cinderella in Regal Academy (Uranimated18 Version) and Regal Academy: The Movie (Uranimated18 Version)

He Played Xenobius in Exosquad (CartoonAnimationFan05 Style)

He Played Captain Phasma in Star Wars (CartoonAnimationFan05 Style)

He Played Gallaxhar in Male Animals vs. Female Villains

He Played Ursula in The Little Mer-Mina Monroe

He Played The Councilman in Rose Cinderella Hears A Ready Jet Go Female Character! (2008) (a.k.a. Horton Hears a Who (2008))

He Played Aunt Spiker in K.O. and the Giant Peach

He Played Brave's Mother In-Law in Joey Felt Pan

He Played Queen of Hearts in Pop Harukaze in Wonderland (OjamajoDoremiRockz)

He Played The Peddler Woman in

He Played Shan-Yu in Luclan

He Played Lawrence in The Teletoon Boy and the Vampire Girl

He Played Carissa in Finding Lilly (2003)

He Played Dr. Facilier in The Steinburger and the ZhuZhu

He Played Belladonna in An All Teletoon Characters Christmas Carol

He Played Aunt Figg in Corn and Peg The Movie (a.k.a Tom and Jerry The Movie)

He Played Mrs Tweedy in Wrecker Run

He Played Zeke in Ice Age (Hissy33 Style)

He Played Lady X in Nickelodeon CharacterFight!

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