9 volt helps kids on good stuff


Female Announcer: next, the most talented penguin in all the world, pingu, on the bbc iplayer channel. Only on 9 volt’s own channel, Wii channel

Henry: it's been fun to play with dirt, getting grubby doesn't hurt

June: but at the end of messy play

Henry and June: it's time to clean the dirt away

June: before I eat, I have a wash

Henry: rub a dub, splish splash splosh

Henry and June: this is what I always do

To wash off germs and stinky poo

Henry: soap on my fingers and in between, make sure that they are really clean

June: rinse and dry, then I'm done

Henry and June: a wash with CBeebies is so much fun.

(Wii channel bumper laughter, after that, we cut to 9 volt, Kayleigh And Laura in the today and tomorrow channel area)

9 volt: There’s a guest in wii channel, that wears green shirt, another in the blue shirt, the other in the red, and hey, the girls in yellow, light blue and pink dresses are called guests

Laura: your a genius!

9 volt: thanks

Kayleigh: six miis look funny, do they?

9 volt: yep (clears throat) now, here’s today and tomorrow’s total luck fortune...

(drumroll and lights appear, and stop)

9 volt: Guest E!

kayleigh: and what should guest E do?

9 volt: I do not know, but right now, here’s bbc iplayer

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