• [Walt Disney Home Video logo, then clip of Valiant flying in the sky]
  • Narrator: When did you first see Valiant fly?
  • [cut to the girl, then clip of Victoria, eating a worm]
  • Narrator: Victoria work her magic charm?
  • [cut to the boy, then clip of Birdo kissing her funnel-nose in Mario Golf: World Tour]
  • Narrator: Or Birdo's kiss?
  • [cut to the boy, then clip of gang walking down in Mario Party 9, then Lani Aliikai sliding with Cody Maverick, then clip of Koopa Troopa with a Solo Mode intro Animation in Mario Party 9, then clip of the chickens]
  • Narrator: Now these and many other classic Disney moments on video are all apart of the Disney Masterpiece Collection.
  • [clip of the pigeons dancing]
  • Narrator: They're America's most beloved stories...
  • [clip of Quacker the Duck, watching the green circle drop and bounce on a blue sky background]
  • Narrator: ...movies you grew up with...
  • [clip of Princess Peach, striking her pose in Solo Mode Intro Animation]
  • Narrator: ...films that touched your heart.
  • [clip of the gang racing in Mario Kart Wii, then clip of Cody Maverick surfing]
  • Narrator: Now, the movies you loved when you were young can be shared with your children.
  • [clip to Koopa Troopa the superstar in Mario Party 9, then Peach racing with Mario in Mario Kart Wii, then Iggy winning in 1st place]
  • Narrator: They're the Disney movies every child should enjoy in a collection no family should be without...
  • [clip of Yoshi jumping with the superstar in Mario Party 9, then clip of Valiant doing push-ups, then clip of Hammer Bro. winning in Super Mario Sluggers, then clip of Neptune the Turtle swimming in a fish background]
  • Narrator: ...a collection that continues to grow each with great new movies.
  • [cut to the logo]
  • Narrator: The Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection.
  • [cut to Birdo and the gang winning in Mario Kart Wii, then clip of Valiant and Victoria holding their hands]
  • Narrator: After all, some memories are too precious not to share.


  • Valiant (@2005 Disney/Vanguard Animation)
  • Mario Kart Wii (@2008 Nintendo)
  • Baby Einstein (Baby Bach: Musical Adventure; Baby Newton: All About Shapes; Baby Neptune: Discovering Water @1997-2008 The Baby Einstein Company/Disney Channel)
  • Mulan
  • Surf's Up (@2007 Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Sony Pictures Animation)
  • Mario Kart 8 (@2014 Nintendo)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (@2017 Nintendo)
  • Super Mario Sluggers (@2008 Nintendo)
  • Mario Party 9 (@2012 Nintendo)
  • Mario Golf: World Tour (@2014 Nintendo)
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