TheCartoonMan12's Valentine's Day music video of Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song) from Bambi.


fade in from black

orange clip

kermit clip

passion fruit clip

piggy clip

oscar and bea love clip

lola and bugs kisses clip

mcqueen and sally love clip

charlie and sasha love clip

reggie clip

bert and mary poppies sing clip

flint and sam love clip

thomas and rosie love clip

romeo and juliet kisses clip

atta kiss flik clip

gru and lucy kisses clip

isabella and phineas kisses clip

spongebob and patrick clip

dedicated to




the misfits

nina miranda guillen tm




zacthebear surmanreturns2nd

alex and his family


looking for romance i bring you a song

song from

bambi 1942


the high fructose adventures annoying orange 2012-2014 cartoon network

kermit swamp years 2002 tristar

muppets 2011 disney

fish hooks fish prom 2010-2014 disney

space jam 1996 warner bros

cars 2 2011 disney/pixar

all dogs of heaven 2 1996 mgm

free birds 2013 reel fx

mary poppies 1964 disney

cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2013 sony/columbia

thomas and friends 1986 hit

romeo and juliet sealed 2006 indican

a bug life 1998 disney/pixar

despicable me 2 2013 illumination/universal

phineas and ferb movie 2011 disney

spongebob squarepants patrick smartpants 1999 nickelodeon

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