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  • I live in ☆Lakeside World/Mihoshi Town☆
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Vampire Huntress/Pretty Cure
  • I am Female

Hello, My Name is Emmaleigh Belmont (Emarī Belmondo in Japanese). I'm the Vampire Huntress from the USA.

As AnimeGamer1, I'm the Big Fan of Fire Emblem Fates and Kamen Rider Black RX.

Quotes from The Minami Siblings (Fan-Made version of Kamen Rider Black and Black RX)

Minami Yuna (English Dub: Kira Buckland, Japanese Dub: Ikue Otani)

  • Enemy Spotted. Kotaro, ready when you are!
  • The Galaxies are my Domain!
  • The Legendary Crew, they are the gaming crew who had played Roblox, where my brother is the member to this crew.
  • Crisis, how could you attempt to kill my brother, I will slain you with my galaxy sword if I had a chance!?
  • Lets Go! (Yuna during the Battle)
  • Nice try! (When Yuna dodges the attacks)
  • What! Zunoo Jin, You're the fake version of my Brother, I saw that! (Yuna in Episode 12)
  • Laughs* The True Galaxy Goddess will come to help you! (Yuna when she come to assist her brother)
  • Let me know that we're in Lakeside. (Yuna when she and her brother in lakeside)
  • I agree, besides we will save Earth and the Galaxy, which is my homeland.
  • Lunala, lend me the power of the moon! (Yuna, when lunala appears)

Minami Kohtaro (English Dub: Johnny Yong Bosch, Japanese Dub: Tetsuo Kurata)

  • Yuna, If you need help, call me!
  • If you attempt to kill me, My sis will slash you to death!
  • No one has the power to control the suns, except for me!
  • The Minami Siblings is Back in action! (Kohtaro, Along with Yuna arrived in the battle)
  • Crisis, is actually our biggest enemy.
  • Dude, if you died, then start over! (Kohtaro in the Spohie's Curse Gameplay with Ike)
  • See, The Lights can blind the dark.
  • Yuna, if we finish the monster, and now let's save the planet and also the galaxy. (Kohtaro, when he and his sister save Earth and the Galaxy)
  • Solgaleo, lend me the power of the sun! (Kohtaro, when Solgaleo appears)


Here's the reason why where the Minami Siblings are Warriors.

  • Yuna is the Galaxy Warrioress while her brother is the Sun Warrior.
  • Yuna can control the Stars and Galaxies.
  • Kohtaro can control the Suns and Light.
  • Both are wielding swords. (Like Revolcane, Sword of the Sun, and Sword of the Galaxy)
  • Both can ride their bikes (NOTE: Her Neon Purple Motorcycle is way faster than her brother)

Ultimate Form

  • Minami Yuna - Diamond Galaxy Warrioress (With Galaxy Wings for her Final Form)
  • Minami Kohtaro - Diamond Sun Warrior (With Light Wings for his Final Form)

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