this scene is movies and tv spoofs

Heroes Story

The FaviretonBob SparklePants Movie

Mr. Capper and Dipper

The Powerpuff Girls Movie [Thebackgroundponies2016Style]

Samurai Jack [Batman]

The Sword in The Stone [Thebackgroundponies2016Style]

Wander Conquers America

Heroes [Felidae]

Vlad [Beetlejuice]

The Princess and The Villains

Saraline Timbers [Coraline]

The Jungle Book [Thebackgroundponies2016Style]

An American Tail [Thebackgroundponies2016Style]

Amy Rose in Wonderland [2017]


Ratchetladdin [2017]

The Heroes Movie


Randy Pan

Beauty and the Skeleton [2017]

The Secret of NIMH (Thebackgroundponies2016Style) [2017]

The Great Star Nomad Detective [2017]

Lincolncchio [2017]

Jennifer Shoperella [2017]

The Jimmy Two-Shoes of Notre Dame [2017]

Teodorahontas [2017]

Dudley Puppy (Shrek) [2017]

Tyler Potter [2017]

A Hero's Life [2017]

Ami Onuki White and the Seven Friends [2017]

Despicable Me (Thebackgroundponies2016Style) [2017]

The Many Adventures of Bloo The Imaginary Friend

The Black Cauldron (Thebackgroundponies2016Style) [2017]

Monster House [Thebackgroundponies2016Style] [2017]

All Lombax Go To Heaven

Sailor Star Butterfly [2017]

The Star Nomad That Saved Christmas [2017]

Randy Pan in Return To Neverland

Ratchetladdin Return of King Nixel

The Little Mer-Lori Loud [2018]

Wander and The Villains [Asterix and The Vikings] [2018]

Wander's Lagoon [2018]

Bobby Hood [2018]

Lincoln Loud and the Lions' Den [2018]

Marcocules [2018]

Star Butterfly the Girl Who Became Queen [2018]

The Chaos of Spirit in the Hat

The Rat Prince

The Story of Flibber-o-loo (Thebackgroundponies2016Style) [2019]

Jennylina [2019]

Heroes, Inc. [2019]

Dudley Puppy and the Mephiles The Dark from Outer Space

Here Comes Sonic the Hedgehog [2019]

Walter, Herby and Agent Lance

The Super Hero King

The Little Mer-Lori Loud 2: Return to the Sea (2019)

Sarah Corduroy [Matilda]

Spike [Casper]