Thebackgroundponies2016Style's movie-spoof of 1939 Warner Bros. film ''The Wizard of Oz''


  • The Wizard of Oz (Thebackgroundponies2016Style)

    The Wizard of Oz [Thebackgroundponies2016Style]

    Dorothy Gale - Star Butterfly [Star vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • Toto - Bernie [Zig and Sharko]  
  • Professor Marvel - Grunkle Stan [Gravity Falls]  
  • The Doorman - Asterix [Asterix and Obelix]  
  • Cabbie - Flint Lockwood [Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs]  
  • The Guard - Lord Boxman [OK K.O. Let's Heroes Be]  
  • The Wizard [Bad] - Inkwood [Atomic Puppet]  
  • The Wizard [Good] - Jonah Bishop [Welcome To The Wayne]  
  • Hunk - Lord Starchbottom [The 7D]  
  • The Scarecrow - Wander [Wander Over Yonder]  
  • Hickory - Armando [Pirate Express]  
  • Tin Man - Grim Reaper [The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy]  
  • Zeke - Uncle Grandpa   
  • The Cowardly Lion - Mark Chang [The Powerpuff Girls]  
  • Glinda the Good Witch of The North - Pearl [Steven Universe]  
  • Miss Gulch - Charmcaster [Ben 10]  
  • The Wicked Witch of The West - Lord Dominator [Wander Over Yonder]  
  • Uncle Henry - Raoul [A Monster in Paris]  
  • Auntie Emily - Lucille [A Monster in Paris]  
  • The Muchkins and People Emerole City People - Marcianos vs. Mexicanos Characters  
  • Apple Trees - The Amoeba Boys [The Powerpuff Girls]  
  • Wing Monkeys - Watchdogs [Wander Over Yonder]  
  • Witch's Guards - Hades [Zig and Sharko], Langouste [Ratz], Dan The Man and Ghengis The Lion [The Wacky World of Tex Avery] and Colonel and His Henchmen [Boom Boys]  


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