​​​​​​Thebackgroundponies2016Style,'s movie-spoof of 2004 Paramount/Nickelodeon Movies film, "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie".
The Wanderbob Wanderpants Movie


  • Favireton Sparkle [OC] as Spongebob Squarepants
  • Densa Sheriff [OC] as Patrick Star
  • Benson [Regular Show] as Squidward Tentacles
  • Scrooge McDuck [Ducktales] as Eugene H. Krabs
  • Pomf Puff [OC] as Sandy Cheeks
  • Cheese [Sonic X] as Gary The Snail
  • Rat [The Modifyers] as Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Sedusa [The Powerpuff Girls] as Karen Plankton
  • Dracula [Hotel Transylvania] as King Neptune [I'm Sharing Him With J.B. Eagle]
  • Mavis [Hotel Transylvania] as Princess Mindy [I'm Sharing Her With J.B. Eagle]
  • Griffin the Invisible [Hotel Transylvania] as Squire
  • Asterix and Obelix as Two Laughing Guys at Gas Stop
  • Shadowy Figure [OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes] as Dennis
  • Mr. Gus [Uncle Grandpa] as Waiter
  • Eddy [Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy] as Goofy Goober
  • Captain Jack Sparrow [Pirates of the Caribbean] as Captain Bart
  • Joshhamee Gibbs [Pirates of the Caribbean] as Pirate with Glass Scooge
  • Waddlesworth [101 Dalmatians] as The Parrot
  • Pirates [Pirates of the Caribbean] as Captain Bart's pirates
  • Skulker [Danny Phantom] as Lead Thug
  • Danny Phantom Villains as The Pud Thugs
  • Aku [Samurai Jack] as Thug Tug Fish took the Car
  • Nora Wakeman [My Life as a Teenage Robot] as Old Lady
  • Sharptooth [The Land Before Time] as Boneyard Monster
  • Finn [Adventure Time] as The Royal Crown Polisher
  • Alice Kingsley [Alice in Wonderland] as Usher [after the end credits]
  • Robbie Valentino [Gravity Falls] as Phil
  • Marie Celeste [Pirate Express] as Pearl Krabs
  • Arsene Lupin II and Fujiko Mine [Lupin the 3rd] as Police Officers
  • People of Townsville [Powerpuff Girls] and Imaginary Friends [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends] as Fish
  • Doctor Flug [Villainous] as Perch Perkins
  • Trevor Troublemeyer [Sidekick] as The Fish says 'Dork'
  • Professor Utonium [Powerpuff Girls] as The Fish says ding-a-ling
  • Richard Watterson [The Amazing of Gumball Watterson] as The Fish says Wing nut
  • Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride [The Loud House] as Kids Fishes
  • Sharko [Zig and Sharko] as The Fish says My Eyes
  • Angel Dust [Hazbin Hotel] as The Fish says Morning
  • Poof [Fairy OddParents] as The Baby Fish wearing a Chum Bucket Helmet
  • Olympia Timbers [Welcome to The Wayne] as The Woman Fish in the Car
  • Rapido [Ratz] as Larry The Lobster
  • Old Lady in Frogfish in the Car - Ms. Erlenmeyer [Atomic Puppet]
  • Carnotaurus [Dinosaurs] as Frogfish
  • Trench Monsters as Themsalves
  • Dorian Tyrell [The Mask] as Cyclops
  • Buff Frog's Tadpoles [Star vs. The Forces of Evil] as Marine Animals comes to life
  • Buster the Fox [Christmas is Here Again] as Alexader Clam Bell
  • Mitch Buchannon [Baywatch] as David Hasselhoff
  • Sans [Undertale Animated Series] as The Fish says I've been free
  • Hugh Test [Johnny Test] as Sandals



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