LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz's movie-spoof of "The Lion King"


  • Baby Simba - Denver Fennell
  • Young Simba - Chance Eldringhoff
  • Adult Simba - Eric Norris
  • Young Nala - Tayler McCollough (Postcards from Buster)
  • Adult Nala - Shauna Norris
  • Timon - Zachary Hovey
  • Pumbaa - Ian Hovey
  • Mufasa - D.V. Fennell
  • Sarabi - Bailey Ellison-Fennell
  • Scar - Dustin McCann Sr.
  • Shenzi - Helga Sinclair (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
  • Banzai - Austin and Chad Wilson
  • Ed - Steven and Jacob Trunchbull
  • Rafiki - Pee-Wee Herman (Pee-Wee's Playhouse)
  • Zazu - Clark Griswold (National Lampoon's series)
  • Sarafina - Marilyn Eldringhoff
  • Baby Kiara - Kholeigh Quesenberry


  1. "The Circle of Life"
  2. Dustin McCann Sr. and D.V. Fennell's Conversation
  3. Chance Eldringhoff's First Day
  4. The Morning Report
  5. Dustin McCann and Chance Eldringhoff's Conversation
  6. "I Just Can't Wait to be King"
  7. The Elephant Graveyard
  8. Kings of the Past/"Be Prepared"
  9. The Stampede/D.V. Fennell's Death/Chance Eldringhoff Runs Away
  10. Dustin McCann Takes Over Pride Rock
  11. Meet Zachary and Ian Hovey
  12. Put Your Past Behind You/"Hakuna Matata"
  13. Dustin McCann and Clark Griswold's Conversation
  14. Relax in the Stars/He's Alive
  15. Shauna Norris Chased Ian Hovey/The Reunion
  16. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"
  17. Eric and Shauna Norris' Argument/Pee-Wee Herman's Wisdom/Eric Norris' Destiny
  18. The King Has Returned/Zachary and Ian Hovey's Distraction
  19. Eric Norris Confronts Dustin McCann/Eric Norris Finds Out the Truth/The Big Battle
  20. Eric Norris vs. Dustin McCann/Dustin McCann Sr.'s Death/A Happy Ending in the Pride Lands
  21. End Credits
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