• Joy (Inside Out) as Ariel
  • Remy (Ratatouille) as Eric
  • as Flounder
  • as Sebastian
  • as Scuttle
  • Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) as King Triton
  • as Ursula
  • as Flotsam
  • as Jetsam
  • as Grimsby
  • as Carlotta
  • Max (The Secret Life of Pets) as Max
  • as Vanessa
  • Elsa (Frozen) as Attina
  • Moana as Aquata
  • Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon) as Adella
  • Anna (Frozen) as Arista
  • as Andrina
  • Rapunzel (Tangled) as Alana
  • Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) as Athena



  1. "Fathoms Below"/Main Titles
  2. "Daughters of Homer"
  3. Joy at the Sunken Ship
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