Rat Terrier Fan’s Movies-Spoofs of “The Swan Princess“. Coming to YouTube on September 3rd 2023


Princess Odette - Amy Rose (Sonic Series)

Swan Odette - Norah Klem Aka Rat Terrier Fan

Prince Derek - Sonic the Hedgehog

Lord Rothbart - Shadow (Sonic Series)

Jean Bob - Fletcher (A.N.T. Farm)

Speed - Austin (Austin and Ally)

Puffin - Dave (Hotel For Dogs)

Bromley - Knuckles (Sonic Series)

Rogers - Petrie (The Land Before Time)

Queen Uberta - Russell’s Mom (Once Upon A Forest)

King Willam - Uncle Chuck (Sonic Series)

Bridgette - Ruby (The Land Before Time)

Chamberlain - Chomper (The Land Before Time)

Bird Uberta - Lexi (A.N.T. Farm)

Lizard Rogers - Josh (Drake and Josh)

Pig Chamberlain - Cameron (A.N.T. Farm)

Monkey Bromley - Sam (Beverly Hills Chihuahua)

Bridgette as Odette - Syke (Paw Patrol)

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