MLPCV's movie-spoofs of Disney's 2019 Live action film The Lion King.

The Hero King [2019]


  • Baby Simba - Baby Marco Diaz
  • Young Simba - Tuck Carbunkle [My Life a a Teenage Robot]
  • Adult Simba - Marco Diaz [Star vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • Young Nala - Mabel Pines [Gravity Falls]
  • Adult Nala - Star Butterfly [Star vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • Timon - Wander [Wander Over Yonder]
  • Pumbaa - Grim Reaper [The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy]
  • Mufasa - Professor Utonium [The Powerpuff Girls]
  • Sarabi -Ms. Keane [The Powerpuff Girls]
  • Scar - Grim Gloom [The 7D]
  • Shenzi - Naughty Kitty [Atomic Puppet]
  • Kamari - Varian [Tangled The Series]
  • Azizi - Olaf [Asterix And The Vikings]
  • Rafiki - Alastor [Hazbin Hotel]
  • Zazu - Mr. Link [The Missing Link]
  • Sarafina - Queen Moon [Star vs. The Forces of Evil]
  • The Mouse - Jelly [Breadwinners]
  • Hyenas - The Vampires [Welcome To The Wayne] Deadly Six [Sonic The Lost Worlds] Nixels [Mixels] The Martians [Marcianos vs. Mexicanos] The Amoeba Boys and Gangreen Gang [The Powerpuff Girls] Watchdogs [Wander Over Yonder] Squalien Trio [Get Blake] Bill Cipher and His Minions [Gravity Falls] The Boogeyman's Pirates [The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy] Evil Ami, Evil Yumi and Evil Kaz [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi] Legion of Evil Team [My Life as a Teenage Robot] Count Venamus and Minions [Supernoobs] and The Loud Brothers and The Louds' Doubles [The Loud House]
  • Cameleon - Hank The Pig [Mr. Woop Man's]
  • The Wildebeest Stampede - Storm King's Solders [My Little Pony The Movie]
  • The Vultures/Buzzards - Ozzy and Strut [The Land Before Time]
  • The Beetle - Cheese [Sonic X]
  • Baby Kiara - Lily Loud [The Loud House]
  • Wild Animals - Ponies [My Little Pony Friendship is Magic] People of Townsville [The Powerpuff Girls] Imaginary Friends [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends] The 7D People of Gravity Falls [Gravity Falls] Aliens [Wander Over Yonder] and People of Welcome To The Wayne [Welcome To The Wayne]
  • Guinea Fowl - Beast Boy [Teen Titans Go]
  • Bush Baby - Jimmy [Ed, Edd n Eddy]
  • Elephant Shrew - Larry Needlemeyer [The Amazing World of Gumball Watterson]
  • Impala - Patrick Star [SpongeBob SquarePants]


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Marco Diaz - Pixtopia profile.png
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Profile - Star Butterfly.png
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Billymandygrim Wiki - Grim.PNG
S1e01b The Glooms Attempt to Break In While Sleepy's Home 8.PNG
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Asterix And The Vikings 2006 Screenshot 0749.jpg
Hazbin Hotel - Alastor - Fandub Latino Maxresdefault.jpeg
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Breadwinners Princess Jelly Nickelodeon UK Maxresdefault.jpeg
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Gangreen Gang.png
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S2E18 Bill and his friends laugh.jpg
The Boogeyman's Pirates.png
Evil Ami, Evil Yumi and Evil Kaz.png
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S1 E13 Count Venamus and minions 2.png
The Loud Brothers.png
The Louds' Doubles.png
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Storm Guards lead ponies away in chains MLPTM.png
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