These are scenes from movie spoofs and TV spoofs.

The Rabbit and the Reindeer

Piglet and the Lions' Den

E.B. The Red-Nosed Rabbit

Kion (Dumbo)

CeCe in Wonderland

Who Framed Devon and Cornwall the Dragons

Toon Story (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

Toon Story 2 (TheCartoonMan12 Style)


The Sword in the Stone (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

Wreck-It Ralph (Aladdin)

The Many Adventures of Garfield the Cat

Larry the Cucumber (Frosty the Snowman)

The Great Cucumber Detective

The Story of Filbber-o-loo (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

Winnie, the Girl Who Became Queen

E.B.'s Lagoon

Rudolph (Peter Pan)

The Little Scottish Princess

Human Age

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