Teodora is an main character character from Legend Quest
Teodora Villavicencio

She Played Princess Aurora/Briair Rose in Sleeping Beauty (IsobelBarrdisneyLover1745 Style)

She Played Belle in Beauty and the Reddy

She Played Queen Uberta in The Purple Cat Princess

She Played Odette in The Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Princess

She Played Georgette in Melody and Company

She Played Jenny in Willow and Company and Stella and Company

She Played Vanessa In The Little Norah

She Played Nakoma In Norahhontas

She Played Blanky in The Brave Little Purple Moonflower

She Played Wigg In The Zula Patrol (Rat Terrier Fan Human Style)

She Played Cera in The Mexico Before Time

She Played Rita in Reggie Rocket and Company

She Played Wardrobe in Mother Rabbit and the Marty

She Played Ducky in The Atlantica Before Time

She Played Belle in Beauty and the Blonde Cat

She Played Ruby in The Magic Before Time TV Series

She Played Bridgette in The Beaver Princess


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