Buzz lightyear - super why

Mira nova - loretta callisto (mission force one)

Booster munchapper - master chief (halo)

XR - pocoyo

Evil emperor zurg - eraser (super why)

Warp darkmatter - crane (kung fu panda)

Commander nebula - fox mccloud (star fox assault)

LGMs - blue (angry birds blues)

Woody - talking tom (talking friends)

Rex - red (angry birds toons)

Hamm - black spy (spy vs spy)

Sarge - little singham

Wheezy - steve (minecraft)

Crater vipers - zoda (f-zero x)

Monster mutant - benga-raw (dagedar)

Grubs - zombie villager (minecraft) rip (pj masks)

Leatherhead (danger mouse)

Brain pods - robot (pj masks)

Hornets - stormtrooper (star wars rebels)

Red alien lizard - coconut (adventure of sonic the hedgehog)

Space ranger getting hit - matt (cyberchase)

People running their lives - leonardo (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

Space people getting caught - iron man (the avengers earths migthiest heroes)

agent Z - commander nemex (mission force one)

brain pod #13 - aggro (mission force one)

Ty parsec - crazy dave (plants vs zombies)

wirewolf - white spy (spy vs spy)

auto-pilot - ROB NUS64 (star fox command)

gravitina - malison (mission force one)

Flash flemming - captain falcon (f-zero)

blackfin - shake (aqua teen hunger force)

squeeze toy alien trio - kion (the lion guard)

NOS-4-A2 - nigel (rio)

robot sentry #2 - rob (rob the robot tv series)

More Cast

The rhizomain people - birds (rio)

the batheous people - space birds (angry birds space)

3 space rangers - kai (ninjago) sensei (fruit ninja) homer simpson (the simpsons)

space ranger - jet propulsion (ready jet go)

Space ranger 2 - catboy (pj masks)

space ranger 3 - pig (wordworld)

brain pod other - trigger happy (skylanders)

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