• Steven Universe as Arthur (TV Series)
  • Garnet as Barney & Friends
  • Amethyst as Caillou (TV Series)
  • Pearl as Doc McStuffins (TV Series)
  • Lapis Lazuli as Esme & Roy
  • Peridot as Fireman Sam (TV Series)
  • Jasper as Gullah Gullah Island
  • Lion as Handy Manny
  • Ronaldo as In The Night Garden
  • Connie as Jack’s Big Music Show
  • Greg Universe as Kipper The Dog (TV Series)
  • Lars as Little Bear (TV Series)
  • Onion as Mike The Knight (TV Series)
  • Peedee as Numberjacks
  • Sadie as Octonauts
  • Ruby as Pingu (TV Series)
  • Sapphire as Quintuplets
  • Padparadscha as Raa Raa The Noisy Lion
  • Rhodonite as Super Why! (TV Series)
  • Fluorite as Teletubbies (TV Series)
  • The Rutile Twins as Upside Down Show
  • Blue Pearl as Veggietales (TV Series)
  • Yellow Pearl as Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (TV Series)
  • Blue Diamond as X-Men (TV Series)
  • Yellow Diamond as Yo Gabba! Gabba!
  • Emerald as Zac & Quack (TV Series)
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