• Sonic as Thomas
  • Espio as Henry
  • Vector as Gordon
  • Knuckles as James
  • Tails as Percy
  • Uncle Chuck as Toby
  • Rotor as Duck
  • Lucas as Oliver
  • Amy as Emily
  • King Acorn as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Captain Rescue as Salty
  • Big as Harvey
  • Mr. Tanaka as Arthur
  • Hawk as Murdoch
  • Jet as Spencer
  • Cyrus as Jack
  • Wallace A. Ditso as Alfie
  • Easy Eddie as Oliver (Pack)
  • E-103 Delta as Max
  • Wes Weasley as Kelly
  • Torch as Byron
  • Sketch Lampoon as Ned
  • Frances as Isobella
  • Vanilla as Miss Jenny
  • Mayor of Station Square as Banksman
  • Diamond Stadium Owner as The Foreman
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