Sid is the second protagonist and the deuteragonist of Blue Sky Studio's 1st animated feature film "Ice Age". He is a sloth who is one of Manny and Diego's best friend and one of Peaches' adoptive uncles. He is a positive and talkative sloth and is the only one of the characters who has bad karma.


He Played Cogsworth in Beauty and the Python 1, 2: The Enchanted Christmas, and 3: Rukia's Magical World

He Played Patrick Star in ArloBob DinosaurPants and The ArloBob DinosaurPants Movie

He Played Eddie Noodleman in Sing (Dragon Rockz Style)

He Played Rex in The Animated Comedy Story trilogy

He Played Winnie the Pooh in The Sid the Sloth (Winnie the Pooh) series

He Played Einstein in Scamp and Company

He Played Colonel Hathi in The Hero Book

He Played Gus in Taylorella

He Played Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH (Dragon Rockz Style)

He Played Samson in The Little Super Boy

He Played Bubbles in Finding Sultan

He Played Jean-Bob in The Sabertooth Princess

He Played Mr. Ping in The Kung Fu Ant-Man trilogy

He Played Scuttle in The Little Aztec Girl 1 and 2: Return to the Sea

He Played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz (IceAgeForever Style)

He Played Rafiki in The Dog King series

He Played Batty Koda in FernGully (EJL423 Style): The Last Rainforest

He Played Mater in The Animals (Cars) trilogy

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