Lenny as Ash Ketchum

Anna as Misty

George as Brock

Pikachu as Himself

Joy as Nurse Joy

Nellie as Officer Jenny

Turbo as Tracey Sketchit

Burn as Daisy

??? as Gary Oak

Monty as Professor Oak

E.B. as Ritchie

Elsa as Delia Ketchum

Gadget as Violet

Baby Nala as Lily

Chef as Jessie

Frollo as James

Meowth as Himself

Giovanni as Herself

Cassidy as Herself

Butch as Himself

Orinoco as L.T Surge

Erika as Himself

Fred as Koga

Catty as Sabrina

Chip as Blaine

Nellie as Professor Ivy

Berk as Sabrina's Father

Aunt Lucy as Florinda Showers

Paddington as Potter

??? as Jeanette Fisher

??? as Wilbur


Shark The First Movie

Shark The Movie 2000

Shark 3 The Movie

Shark Mewtwo Returns

Shark 4Ever

Shark Heroes

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