Usagi Tsukino

She plays Cinderella In Sailor Moonrella (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Madame In The Aristocats (Duchess Style)

She plays Tiger Lily In Rocko Pan (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Belle In Beauty and The Panda (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Giselle (Live Action) In Enchanted (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Adult Nala In The Wallaby King (RockoandSailorMoonRockz) and The Guardian King

She plays Princess Jamine In Rockoladdin (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Bo Peep In Nicktoons Story (RockoandSailorMoonRockz) and Nicktoons Story 2 (RockoandSailorMoonRockz)

She plays Odette in The Aristocat Princess

She plays Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (Duchess Productions Human Style)

Voice Actors

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