Scrooge McDuck is an main character

He Played Mr. Krabs in BonkersBob BobcatPants and The BonkersBob BobcatPants Movie 

He Played Scuttle in The Little Mer-Goth trilogy and The Little Mer-Possum trilogy 

He Played The White Rabbit in Gwen and Zoey in Wonderland 

He Played Fflewddur Fflam in The Black Cauldron (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style) 

He Played The Dodo in Cream in Wonderland (1951) 

He Played Friar Tuck in Mike Hood

He Played Owl in The Zozi the Bear (Winnie the Pooh) series 

He Played Rick Dicker in The Incredibles (Fiver&Heather's Channel Animal Style) 

He Played Mac Bear in Unstable Fables The Star Butterfly and the 3 Disney XD Characters Show (a.k.a. Unstable Fables: The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Show) 


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