• Danny Phantom as Tony Manero
    Saturday Night Fever (Thebackgroundponies2016Style)
  • Jenny Wakeman [My Life as a Teenage Robot] as Stephaine Mangano     
  • Mr. Green [Powerpuff Girls] as Frank Manero Jr.     
  • Rosemary [Hong Kong Phooey] as Linda Manero     
  • Kaz Harada [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi] as Tony 's Grandfather     
  • Migmar Migmar [Oh Yeah Cartoons] as Frank Manero Jr.     
  • Agent Honeydew [Dexter's Laboratory] as Flo Manero     
  • Mr. Woop Man as Bobby C.     
  • Trevor Troublemeyer [Sidekick] as Joey     
  • Jonah [Welcome To The Wayne] as Double J.     
  • Leni Loud [Loud House] as Annette     
  • Frankie Foster [Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends] as Doreen     
  • Wendy Corduroy [Gravity Falls] as Connie     
  • Mad Jack The Pirate as Becker     
  • Billy Joe Cobra [Dude, That's My Ghost] as Gus     
  • Louis [Wayside] as DJ     
  • Mr. Candle and Carol [OK K.O. Let's Heroes Be] as Paint Store Customers     
  • Lacey Shadows [The Modifyers] as Pizza Girl     
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