Rukia Kuchiki is the deuteragonist and the lead heroine of the anime/manga series Bleach. She is a Soul Reaper/Shinigami and the one responsible for giving Ichigo Kurosaki powers.


She Played Mulan in Rukialan (1998)

She Played Belle in Beauty and the Python (1991), 2: The Enchanted Christmas, and 3: Rukia's Magical World

She Played Dolores in Who Framed Emmet Brickowski

She Played Princess Fiona (Human) in Rattlesnake Jake (Shrek)

She Played Pocahontas in Rukiahontas (1995)

She Played Susan Murphy in Creatures vs. Villains

She Played Flora in Sleeping Beauty (Dragon Rockz Style)

She Played Moana in Rukia (Moana)

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