Rover Dangerfield is an main character
Rover Dangerfield
Rover Dangerfield

He Played Slamfist in Small Soldiers (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style)

He Played The Peddler in Fiverladdin

He Played Droopy Dog in Who Framed Fiver the Rabbit? and Pythor and Roxas: The Movie

He Played Scooby-Doo in Family Tunes: Back in Action

He Played Fast Tony in Animal Age 2 (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style): The Meltdown

He Played Baloo in The Jungle Book (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style) 1 and 2 

He Played Stuey the Pig in Rock-A-Hedgehog

He Played Wheezy in Animal Story (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style) 2

He Played Oaken in Frozen (Fiver&Heather's Channel Style)

He Played Disney-Hyperion's Leslie & Frank's First Quest

He Played Winnie the Pooh in The Rover Dangerfield (Winnie the Pooh) series


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