Rose pic 1
Rose Cinderella a princess from ''Regal Academy''

She Played Sir Dudley Ding Dong in Buster Bunny and Rose Cinderella (Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong)

She is a Cat

She Played Star Butterfly In Rose Cinderella vs. The Forces of Evil

She is a Girl

He Played Adult Charlotte La Bouff In The Moonflower and the Hamster Alien

She is a Princess

He Played Bunsen In Rose Cinderella is a Girl

He Played Princess Poppy In Animation Characters (Trolls)

He Played Jenna In Flamzer (Balto)

He Played Ray in The Steinburger and the Purple Poodle

She Played Ducky in The ??? Before Time

She Played Rita in ??? and Company

She Played Cera in The Kingdom Before Time (Second Version)


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