Thebackgroundponies2016Style's TV-spoof of "Aladdin"


Aladdin - Ratchet [Ratchet and Clank]

Jasmine - Pauline Bell [Atomic Puppet]

The Genie - Meddlen Meadows 

Iago - Wander [Wander Over Yonder]

Abu - Rob The Robot [R.O.B.]

The Magic Carpet - Rainbow Dash [My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic]

The Sultan - Ford Pines [Gravity Falls]

Rajah - Zig [Zig and Sharko]

Razoul - Mojo Jojo [Powerpuff Girls]

Razoul 's Guards - Black Hat [Villainous], Lord Boxman [OK K.O. Let's Heroes], Masterson and Flowershirt [Welcome To Wayne], The Amoeba Boys and Gangreen Gang [Powerpuff Girls] and The Loud Brothers [The Loud House]

Abis Mal - Vlad [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi]

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