• Narrator:Rapunzeladdin Showed You a Whole New World The Return of Nightmare Moon took You beyond Imagination Now SuperWhyMovies Productions Invites you to celebration
  • (Cody Chatters)
  • Ben Franklin:Oh yeah
  • Narrator:With an all-new Movie
  • Nana:Doesn't get any bigger that that
  • Narrator:The Third and Final Chapter of The Exciting Trilogy:Rapunzeladdin and The King of Thieves Rapunzel and Gumball's  Dreams Are Finally coming True...
  • Mittens:This is a Happy day
  • Narrator:But a Band of Notorious Thieves
  • Merdita:Open Sesame
  • Narrator: and a Lone kept secret
  • Rapunzel:My sister's alive
  • Narrator:lead Rapunzel Into his Greatest Adventure Ever
  • Rapunzel:Show me the way
  • Rarity:Follow the trail of the 40 Thieves your sister is Trapped  within their world 
  • Nana:That would be a Problem
  • Changelings Scheming up a scam out on the lam taking whatever we Please
  • Mr. Smee Thief#1Got lost a grub to share
  • El Supermo Thief#2:Pull up on easy chair
  • Changelings:Welcome to the Fortie Thieves
  • Narrator:Including Ben Franklin Brought to life again by the One and Only Robin Willams
  • Robin Willams:It's The Kinder gentler bear Look at this
  • Narrator:

(Queen Chrysalis Fight With Rapunzel)

  • Merdita:You don't stand a Change against the King of Thieves
  • Narrator:and Take part in the wedding of the century

(Gumball Smile)

  • Ben Franklin: They're Finally getting to be a buddy
  • Gumball: Finally Getting to be a buddy
  • Rapunzel:I'm Finally Getting to be a buddy
  • Animals of Agrabah:Thy'e Finally getting a buddy... at The Party In Agrabah
  • Narrator:Rapunzeladdin and The King of Thieves
  • Animals:To The Party In Agarabah

(Cody Crys a Happy Tears)

  • Narrator:Commings Soon to your Computer
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