Pepper Mintz Is A Green Rainbow Ranger From “Rainbow Rangers“.

Pepper Mintz


She Played Swan Odette in The Green Rainbow Ranger Tara

She is a Swan

She Played Glowworm In Ducky and the Giant Peach

She is a Glowworm

She Played Ducky in The Secret Saturday Before Time

She is a Saurolophus

She Played Littlefoot’s Mother in The Kingdom Before Time

She Is A Mother Brontosaurus

She Played Duchess in The AristoCartoon Network Characters

She Played Chip in Purple Pterodactyl and the Roach

She Played Cera in The Rugrat Before Time

She Played Wardrobe in Pink Dog and the Finster

She Played Miss Spider in Dez and the Giant Peach

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