PaRappa As Alice (PaRappa The Rapper) (genderbent role)

Dixie As Alice's Sister (The Fox And The Hound 2)

Dreamy As Dinah (Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets)

The Cat In The Hat As The White Rabbit

Mushu As The Doorknob (Mulan)

Junior As The Dodo (Storks)

Weasel And Baboon As Tweedledee And Tweedledum (I Am Weasel)

Pacha As The Walrus (The Emperor's New Groove)

Kronk As The Carpenter (The Emperor's New Groove)

Olaf As Bill The Lizard (Frozen)

Paula As Red Rose (PaRappa The Rapper Anime)

Katy Kat As Iris (PaRappa The Rapper Anime)

Sunny Funny As Daisy (PaRappa The Rapper Anime)

Girls Team As The Flowers

Jenny Wakeman As White Rose (My Life As A Teenage Robot)

Randall As The Caterpillar (Monsters Inc)

Max As The Caterpillar (Butterfly) (The Secret Life Of Pets)

Abigail And Amelia As Bird In The Tree (The Aristocats)

Tom As Cheshire Cat (Tom And Jerry)

Mordecai As The Mad Hatter (Regular Show)

Rigby As The March Hare (Regular Show)

Alvin As The Dormouse (Alvin The Chipmunks)

Chef As Queen Of Hearts (Trolls)

LeFou As King Of Hearts (Beauty And The Beast)



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