Oscar is the main character and protagonist in DreamWorks Animation's 2004 movie Shark Tale

He Frog Naveen In The Yellow Emotion and the Fish and The


Female Kangaroo and the Fish

He Flynn In Tangled (Animal Style)

He Danny In Fishes Don't Dance

He Yogi In Oscar Fish

He Himself In Shark Tale (1999Movies Style)

He Spongebob Squarepants in OscarBob Fishpants

He Donkey In Barry B. Benson series

He Tori in the Tai Chi Chasers (AngryBirdsRockz Style)

Is Tai Chi

He Mickey Mouse in Oscar Fish (Mickey Mouse), Oscar Fish Clubhouse, Oscar Fish: Get a Tigger, Oscar and the Roadster Racer, Oscar and the Beanstalk and Oscar, Lucky Jack, and Sid: The Three Musketeers

He Donald Duck In Disney

He Krunk In Snoof's Lab

He plays Timon in The Dog King series

He plays Lumiere in The Beauty and the Bull series

He plays Robin Hood in Oscar Hood

He plays Jean-Bob in The Cat Princess series

He plays Bernard in The Rescuers (IceAgeForever Style) 1 and 2

He played Tito DCK in The Nutshack (CarsRockz)

He played Melman in Hawaii (Madagascar), Hawaii: Escape 2 Oceania and Hawaii 3: Asia's Most Wanted

He is a giraffe

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