• Olie's Dad: Ratchet, Brother Help Me!
  • (Ratchet Grabs Olie's Dad And Listen)
  • Solid Snake: Mr Polie! Consider Yourself Experiment!
  • Ratchet: Long Live The King
  • Olie's Dad: (Falls Down Into The Ground And Screaming) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Olie: Nooooooooo!
  • Solid Snake: No, No, God, No! Please, Please! Not Again!
  • Olie: Dad, Dad?!
  • (The Wildbeest Is Gone, Olie Was Shocked)
  • (See Olie's Dad Was Defeated)
  • Olie: Dad, Dad, Come On, You Gotta Get Up, Dad? We Gotta Go Home! (He Tugs At Olie's Dad Ear, Olie Was Noticed, He Turns Around Going Over The Cliff And Echos) Help, Help! Somebody, Somebody! Anybody, Anybody! (Gasping And Groaning) Help!
  • Solid Snake: (Hugs Olie) I'm Sorry, Olie, I'm Really Sorry
  • (At Last, Ratchet Came Back)
  • Ratchet: Olie, What Have You Done?!
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