Norm of the Magic Show: Cats

Norm McFarlane Has Doing of the Magic Called Cats

Ren & Stimpy: In The Army

Ren and Stimpy register in the army, unaware of all of the obstacles to overcome with a big, bossy sarge, though they end up passing and entering a war.

Merrie Melodies: Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears

The Three Bears want something new to eat and decide to try and lure Goldilocks to them with porridge. However, all they have is carrot soup which lures Bugs Bunny instead. In an attempt to stop them from chasing him, Bugs tells Mama Bear that she's beautiful, compliments her eyes and plants a big kiss on her lips. The plan works, but Bugs now must escape from a love-stricken Mama Bear, now so smitten she can't keep her hands off of him ("Now, now, cut it out! Stop it! Hey, people are lookin' at us! Compose yourself!! STOP!!!").

Mama Bear hugs him, tries to kiss him and runs her fingers up and down his arms. Bugs tries to get away but Mama Bear is behind every door he opens. She tries to seduce him while wearing a loose fitting nightgown with a brown wig, a curve hugging green evening gown with a blonde wig (a la Veronica Lake), and finally appears before him in a bathtub taking a bubble bath. Bugs plows through a wall to escape. He makes it back to his hole to find Mama Bear already there. She giggles like a school girl and says "Tell me more about my eyes!" She has her way with him, kissing him several times. Bugs appears out of the hole, his face covered in lipstick.

Bugs runs away screaming and Mama Bear is happy that she got to make out with Bugs Bunny. She is wearing the same shade of lipstick Bugs has all over his face.

Pepper's Dynamite: Cotton Candy

Pepper is in The Cotton Candy Stand But the Bomb is in The Cotton Candy.

Marsupilami Meets Doctor NormanStein

Mars and Maurice take refuge from a rainstorm in the home of Dr. Normanstein, who wants to use Maurice's brain for his monster.

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