Nala Is Norah Klem’s Puppy Dog . She is a golden doodle


She Played Hero (Along With Bob) in Norahlina

She Played Ducky in The Magic Before Time

She Played Queen Uberta in The Purple Haired Girl Princess and The Explorer Rat Terrier

She Played Rita in Patrick and Company

She Played Oblina In Aaaahhh! Real Doggies

She Played Smooch In It’s a Big Big World (Rat Terrier Fan Style)

She Played Big Mama in The ??? and the Bat

She Played Speed in The Wallaby Prince

She Played Shenzi in The Wallaby King

She Played ??? In The Brave Little Puffin and The Brave Little Wallaby

She Played Flynne in ??? Rock (Puffin Rock)

She Played ??? In ??? (Rat Terrier Fan Style)

She Played Gnatty in ???lina

She Played ??? In Rubylan

She Played Doodle in Sheila (Sunny Day)

She Played ??? In Rainbow Farm Animals

She Played Elsa In Were Back : A Puppy Story

She Played Cera in The ??? Before Time

She Played ??? In Carly Landing

She Played Georgette in Burdette and Company

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