My Little Pony the Movie 2: Pony Party is a Lionsgate and Allspark Studios comedy film coming to theatres in November 16th 2019. From the world of Sausage Party.

Rated R


  • Twilight Sparkle as Frank
  • Fluttershy as Brenda
  • Spike as Barry
  • Rainbow Dash as Carl
  • Applejack as Troy
  • Queen Novo as Teresa Taco
  • Capper The Cat as Kareem Abdul Lavash
  • Derpy Hooves as Sammy Bagel Jr.
  • Rarity as Potato
  • Apple Bloom Sweetie and Scootaloo as Baby Carrots
  • Big Mac as Tomato
  • Celestia as Firewater
  • Luna as Mr. Grifts
  • Cadence as Twink
  • Gum as himself
  • Corn as himself
  • Songbird Serenade as Meat Loaf
  • Fishman as Douche
  • Tempest Shadow as Camille Toh
  • Verko as Druggie
  • Grubber as Darren
  • Snails as Pizza
  • Gilda as Toilet Paper
  • Mrs. Cupcake as Sandwich
  • Granny Smith as Potato Chips
  • Princess Sky star as Normal Yellow Mustard
  • Big Mac #2 as Ketchup
  • Pinkie Pie as Honey Mustard
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