Moxy is a pink uglydoll from UglyDolls


Yellow Hemka (Boyfriend)


She played Cleo in Geonocchio

She is a fish

She played Rhonda in Hey Austin

She is a girl

She played Spot Splatter Splash in Lalaloopsy (Samantha Rex Style), Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search for Wigg, Lalaloopsy Pets: The Big Show, and Lalaloopsy: Band Together (Samantha Rex Style)

She is a girl

She played Poppy in Angry Animal Heroes Cassie

She is a cockatiel

She played Lucy Loud in The Loud House (TyroneandFriends Animal Style)

She is a girl

She played Tickety Tock in Pablo's Clues

She is a clock

She played Click the Camera in Go, Marty, Go!

She is a camera

She played Swan Odette in The UglyDoll Princess

She is a swan

She played Sidetable Drawer in Booflee's Clues and Amy Rose's Clues

She is a sidetable Drawer

She played Willow in Angry Pet Animals Booflee

She is a pigeon

She played Toaster in The Brave Little UglyDoll

She is a toaster

She played Plum in Moxy Landing

She is a plum

She Played Ducky in The World Before Time

She Played Big Mama in The Supernoob and the Hunter

She played Dolly In Pet Animal Story 3 and Pet Animal Story 4

She Played Shenzi in The ??? King

She Played Ruby in The ??? Before Time TV Series

She Played ??? In Carlylina and Lenilina Loud

she is a Rabbit

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