Michelle Render

Michelle Fairchild is the main protagonist of "PINY Institute of New York.

She Played Star Butterfly in Michelle vs. The Forces of Evil

She's Teenage Princess

She played Sarabi in The Dingleman King

She is a lioness

She Played Princess Jasmine in Samladdin

She Played Jenny Wakeman in My Life as a Michelle (a.k.a My Life as a Teenage Robot)

She's Teenage Robot

She Played Alice in Michelle Fairchild in Wonderland

She Played Princess Aurora/Brair Rose in Sleeping Michelle Fairchild

She Played Jessie in Animation Toon Story 2 (IsobelBarrdisneyLover1745 Style) and Animation Toon Story 3 (IsobelBarrdisneyLover1745 Style)

She Played Lady in Michelle Fairchild and the Sam

She Played Princess Tiger Lily in Sam Pan

She Played Ami in Hi Hi Puffy Michelle FairchildDory Skornik and Hi Hi Puffy Michelle FairchildLeah

She played Ducky in The Kids Before Time

She is a saurolophus

She played Odette in The Daisy Princess

She is a princess

She played Bridgette in The Pigeon Princess

She is a witch

She Played Shenzi in The ??? King

She Played Wardrobe in ??? and the Beck

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