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Melody is a Girl from the little mermaid 2 return to the Sea

She played Gabi in Sandy Cheeks Landing

She is a girl

She played Clem In Riona Landing

She is a girl

She played Swan Odette in The Black Haired Girl Longneck

She is a swan

She played Moxy in UglyHumans

She is an uglydoll

She played Mandy in UglyAnimals

She is a doll

She Played Odette in The Red Pail Princess

She played Belle in Beauty and the Salt Shaker

She played Clem in Dahlia Landing

She playd Lilly in Alpha and Omega (Rat Terrier Fan Human Style)

She Played Fifi in OviRaptor and the Simpson

She Played Widow Tweed in The Monster and the Bulldog Pup