Mastro Misha: Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever of Mastor Misha.

Wander Over Yonder: The Fremergency Fronfract

Wander and Sylvia go to the dentist's to pick up Lord Hater, who is under the effects of the anesthetic. In the midst of this, Wander tries to show Hater that being good isn't all that bad.

Ren & Stimpy: Man's Best Friend

Ren and Stimpy learn the true meaning of obedience when George Liquor takes them home with him and swears to make them "champions".

Merrie Melodies: Don't Axe Me

When Farmer Fudd brings out a pan of food for the duck's breakfast, Daffy swallows it pan and all. Elmer calls him a greedy pig and Daffy oinks at him. Then when Fudd brings out the Barnyard Dawg's breakfast, Daffy barks and sits up and begs like a dog. Elmer shoos him away, but when he goes back in the house Daffy eats Dawg's breakfast anyway, hence angering Dawg which results the dog getting scolded by Elmer and get told off to go inside the house for chasing Daffy.

Mrs. Elmer Fudd is expecting company from Reverend Brown and asks Dawg what she should make for dinner. He plays charades to suggest roast duck; though unsuccessful at first (she often guesses it wrong), Dawg made it clear that he wants her to make roast duck. She hands Elmer an axe and tells him to prepare the black duck. Daffy uses psychology to talk the axe out of Fudd's hands and throws it down the well. Dawg retrieves it for Elmer, but Daffy lassos it out of his mouth.

Fudd decides to use a straight razor instead. Daffy quickly tricks him out of it, but Dawg brings Elmer the axe again. Daffy volunteers to sharpen the axe and grinds it all the way down to the handle. Fudd gets his shotgun and finally wins the battle.

Mrs. Fudd tells her guest, Reverend Brown, that the duck dinner will be ready soon, but he announces he's a vegetarian. A plucked Daffy spits the apple out of his mouth, hops out of the roasting pan, and indignantly says "Now he tells us, sheesh!"

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