Master Crane is one of the supporting characters of DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is the member of The Furious Five and one of Master Shifu's students.
Kung fu panda-master-crane

He played Puffin in The Puppy Princess, The Puppy Princess II: Escape from Castle Mounatin, The Puppy Princess III: Mystery of the Enchanted Treasures, The Puppy Princess Christmas, The Puppy Princess: A Royal Family Tale, The Puppy Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today, The Puppy Princess: Royal Undercover and The Puppy Princess: A Royal Myztery 

He is a puffin

He played Snipes in Larry-A-Doodle 

He is a snipe

He played Iago in Numbuh 1laddin, Numbuh 1laddin 2: The Return of Father and Numbuh 1laddin 3: The King of Thieves 

He is a parrot

He played Nigel in Finding Spry

He is a pelican

He played Alan-A-Dale in Mouhamad Hood (1973)

He is a rooster and the narrator

He played Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH (IceAgeForever Style)

He is a crow

He played Eddie Noodleman in Sing (T-Rex Rulez Style)

He is a sheep

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