• Wario as Captain Charles T. Baker
  • Peach as Neera
  • Mario as Lem
  • Bowser as General Grawl
  • Toad as Newsreels
  • Waluigi as Rover
  • Luigi as Skiff
  • Bowser Jr. as Professor Kipple
  • Yoshi as Eckle
  • Toadsworth as Lem's Dad
  • Daisy as Lem's Mom
  • Donkey Kong as Lem's Father
  • Candy Kong as Lem's Mother
  • Enemies as The Army Soldiers
  • Lemmy, Iggy, Larry, Morton, Roy, Ludwig, Kamek and Wendy as The Doctor
  • Boos as Smellman
  • Diddy Kong as Glar
  • Goombas as The Soldiers
  • Koopas as Additional Voices
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