All-Stars Story 1

All-Stars Story 2


Valiant (Shrek)

Valiant (Shrek) (Revival/Reboot)

First Version

Second Version

Cody Maverick (Shrek)

Ian Lightfoot (Shrek)

A Superstar's Life

A Character's Life (Manuelvil1132 Style)


The Robot's New Groove

The Clown's New Groove


The Penguin King

Superstars, Inc.

Characters, Inc. (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Birdo in Wonderland

Koopa Troopa in Mathmagic Land

Quacker the Red Nosed Duck

Scared Valiantless

The Many Adventures Of Harry The Blue Hippo

Rayman and the Beanstalk


Over the Hedge (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Fly Guy (Dumbo)

The Little Mer-Birds

A Donkey Kong Movie

Female Story (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Female Story 2 (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Finding Tad

The Incredibles (Manuelvil1132 Style)

Superstars (Cars)


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