Mandy is a doll from UglyDolls



She played Vanessa Bloome in Purple Bunny Movie

She is a woman

She played Blue Fairy in Diegonocchio

She is a fairy

She played Swan Odette in The Doll Princess

She is a swan

She played Miyumi in Norah: Full of Treasures

She is a purple moonflower

She Played Ruby in The Home Before Time TV Series

she is a OviRaptor and Chomper‘s Best Friend

She Played Becky in Full House (PetrieRockz Style)

She played Cera in The Human Before Time

She Played Ducky in The House Before Time

She played Toaster in The Brave Little Doll

She played Wardrobe in Horned Owl and the Zak Young

She is a wardrobe

She played Shenzi in The Zak Young King

She is a hyena

She played Poppy in Angry People Ronnie Anne

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