He Played Mr. Ping in Kung Fu Owen

He Played Sid in Ice Age (Jiminy Cricket Style) 

He Played Scuttle in The Little Snow Princess 

He Played Gopher in Baymax (Winnie the Pooh) series 

He Played Hamm in Clan Story 1, 2, and 3 

He Played Sleepy in Anna White and the Seven Characters 

He Played Rufus in The Rescuers (Jiminy Cricket Style) 

He Played The Dodo in Mary Grant in Wonderland (1951) 

He Played Rafiki in The Clan King series 

He Played Einstein in Pinocchio and Company 

He Played Dr. Dawson in The Great Duck Detective 

He Played Dr. Finkelstein in The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jiminy Cricket Style) 

He Played The Groundhog in Jiminy (Bambi; 1942) 

He Played Hugo in The Hero of Notre Dame (Jiminy Cricket Style) 


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