• Lincoln Loud as Peter Pan; How your tinks faith and trust.
  • Lincoln Loud as Peter Pan; And just little better pixie dust.
  • Lincoln Loud as Peter Pan; Ready go.
  • Narrator; Disney's classic takes flight.
  • Narrator; For the first time ever.
  • Narrator; In high definition.
  • Narrator; Now see never land.
  • Lincoln Loud as Peter Pan; Second star to you right street to tomorrow.
  • Narrator; Like never before.
  • Ko as John Darling; Fire.
  • Black Hat as Captain Hook; Blast that peter pan.
  • Narrator; Disney's Lincoln Pan.
  • Katz as George Darling; You know, i have the strangest feeling that i've seen that ship before a long time ago i'm always very young.
  • Narrator; Magic never grows up.
  • Narrator; On disney dvd, disney blu-ray and disney digital.
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