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Leah is a female character from ''Shimmer and Shine'''


She played Tasha in The Character Friends (The Backyardigans)

She is a hippo

She played B.O.B. in Animation Girls vs. YTV Villains

She is a blob

She played Star Butterfly in Leah vs. the Forces of Evil

She is a girl

She played Misha in Zac's Choice

She is a girl

She played Hanazuki in Leah: Full of Treasures

She is a moonflower

She Played Susan Murphy in Teletoon Characters vs. Nicktoon Villains

She is a Young Girl

She Played Bloom in Winx Club (Hissy33 Version)

She Played Lola in Rocko (Robotboy)

She is a lola

She Played Adult Charlotte La Bouff in The Rainbow Ranger and the Moonflower

She Played Dimitri in Zacstasia

She played Ray in The Animation Boy and the Petunia

She Played Jerry in Michelle Fairchild and Leah

She Played Tweedledum in Winston Steinburger in Wonderland

She Played Jazzi in The Save Ums! (Nicktoons Style)

She played Swan Odette in The Girl Gidget

She is a swan

She played Odette in The Purple Ant Princess

She is a princess

She Played Big Mama in The Moonflower and the Hughes

she is an owl

She Played ??? In The Little Carly

she is a maid