Kirameki Project (きらめき☆プロジェクト Kirameki Purojekuto) is an anime OVA produced by Studio Fantasia and directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima.


A small European island country called "Gene" is under constant threat of invasion from its neighboring countries using giant robots. They are ruled by three princesses, Kana, Nene and Krone. Krone, the eldest, has a team of guys who are happy to fight for her, but they do not. Nene, the youngest daughter, wears a special outfit that allows her to fight. Kana, the middle child, has designed a secret weapon in the fight: the fighter robot Junerin. Junerin is a 60 meter tall robot that resembles a petite French doll. Kana didn't want her to fight but Junerin must do so to save her country when a robot from Japan appeared and wanted to battle her. Several days after continuing invasions from the Japanese robot, Kana befriends one of the engineers, Ooya, who also had the same fear of robots fighting in his past. After Ooya's failed attempt to defeat Junerin, his boss, Shimada decides to fight her for real, only for Kana to stop worrying about being a coward and fight back by manually controlling Junerin, who was autonomous throughout her fights. She managed to defeat Shimada and his "Perfect" robot and peace is returned in the kingdom.

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