• Hank Hill as Steve
  • Lucky Kleinschmidt as Joe
  • Patty (from The Simpsons) as Blue
  • Connie Souphanousinphone as Tickety Tock
  • Bobby Hill as Slippery Soap
  • Principal Carl Moss as Mr. Salt
  • Peggy Hill as Mrs. Pepper
  • Lisa (from The Simpsons) as Paprika
  • G.H. Hill as Cinnamon
  • Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Side Table Drawer
  • Dale Gribble as Mailbox
  • Bart (from The Simpsons) as Periwinkle
  • Selma (from The Simpsons) as Magenta
  • Bill Dauterive as Shovel
  • Lori as Pail
  • Enrique as Green Puppy
  • Cotton Hill as Tyrese Gibson
  • Nancy Gribble as Toni Braxton
  • Tilly Hill as Tia Mowry
  • Luanne Platter as Amanda Bynes
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