Keegan is a television show made that premiered from September 23, 2006.

About The Show

  • It centers on Keegan (from The Stolen Stones), his older sister Ramona (from The Stolen Stones), his girlfriend Cherry (from The Psychic Sidekicks), his best friends Malachi (from Carrying On) and Oliver (from The Mystery Is History, A Parent Trapped and A Promise Is A Promise) whose girlfriends are Reanne Griffith (from Magical Doremi) and Kikki Benjamin (from Mew Mew Power), his rival Koji (who is Ramona's total crush, from Good 'Quil Hunting) whose girlfriend is Brittany Wong (from Star vs. The Forces of Evil) and his neighbor Gan Gogh (from The Light Fantastic) whose married girlfriend is Tammy (from I Politoed Ya So).


  1. Keegan
  2. Ramona
  3. Cherry
  4. Malachi
  5. Oliver
  6. Reanne Griffith
  7. Kikki Benjamin
  8. Koji
  9. Brittany Wong
  10. Gan Gogh
  11. Tammy


Season 1 (2006-2007)

Season 2 (2007-2008)

Season 3 (2008-2009)

Season 4 (2009-2010)

Season 5 (2010-2011)

Season 6 (2011-2012)

Season 7 (2012-2013)

Season 8 (2013-2014)

Season 9 (2014-2015)

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