Uranimated18's movie-spoof of "Kangaroo Jack"


  • Tyler (Total Drama) plays the owner of a beauty salon who must put up with his bumbling friend Louis and the trouble he always gets them into, as well as having a stepfather who's a Mafioso.
  • DJ (Total Drama) plays his best friend, a goofy, bumbling and over-reactive sort who's always getting into a mess, including when he's caught driving stolen TVs in a stolen truck that leads the police to Sal's warehouse of hot goods. 
  • Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) plays Charlie's stepfather, the local Mafioso who's tired of their bumbling ways and has sent them to Australia supposedly on a job, but really wants them to be bumped off there.
  • Lindsay (Total Drama) plays a wildlife conservationist who assists Charlie and Louis in finding the kangaroo.
  • Alajandro (Total Drama) plays Sal's protégé who travels to Australia to deal with Charlie and Louis once and for all.
  • Cookie (Atlantis the Lost Empire) plays a crusty bush pilot who flies drunk and assists Charlie and Louis. 
  • Duncan (Total Drama) plays an Australian thug sent to kill Charlie and Louis (which he attempts to do).
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