Here are some of Julian Bernardino's Dumbo parody casts.



  • Dumbo as Sir Handel
  • Timothy Q. Mouse as Thomas
  • The Ringmaster as Spencer
  • Mrs Jumbo as Madge
  • Casey Junior as Edward
  • Elephant Matirich as Isabella
  • Elephant Catty as Henrietta
  • Elephant Giddy as Annie
  • Elephant Prissy as Clarabel
  • Smitty as Devious Diesel
  • The Other Female Elephants as Lady, Elizabeth, Mavis, Millie, Caitlin, Caroline, Madge, Old Slow Coach, Flora, and Marion


  • Dumbo as Little Toot
  • Timothy Q. Mouse as Ten Cents
  • The Ringmaster as Bluenose
  • Mrs Jumbo as The Fulton Ferry
  • Casey Junior as Puffa
  • Elephant Matirich as Constance
  • Elephant Catty as Queen Stephanie
  • Elephant Giddy as Emily the Tugboat
  • Elephant Prissy as Sigrid
  • Smitty as Zorran
  • The Other Female Elephants as Pearl, Pentra, Molly the Tugboat, Lillie Lighthouse, Carla, Pearl, Pugwash, Dorothy, Isabel, and Rebecca
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